Monday, August 1, 2011

To be Overcome by the Fragrance of Flowers is a Delectable Form of Defeat.

As I'm building my bouquets, or centerpieces, I am astounded by the fact that I can still fully appreciate the fragrance from each and every flower. Some more pleasurable than others, of course, but truly, flowers are amazing. Visually stunning and beautifully fragrant, I am lucky to have them to be a part of my daily life!

Did you know that flowers carry a fragrance to attract insects to help pollinate other flowers? So when you spray that pretty floral perfume, and get chased around by hungry bees, you'll know why. Is it the same concept for us humans too? Is that why we spray rosey perfume to attract a mate?  All I know is, sometimes I wish that some would try to be less attractive.

One more fun fact of the day. Flowers are more fragrant when the air is humid. Their scent travels farther and more easily detectable. Luckily for us in the Low Country...we have plenty of humid days to enjoy the fragrance.  Maybe that will help us forget how hot we actually are!

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