Sunday, January 22, 2012

Kathy & Jarred

Kathy and Jarred, a couple from Charlotte, NC, chose Winship Productions to help them plan their Charleston destination wedding! Emily Miller, from Winship, coordinated all the details to make sure this couple had the wedding of their dreams!

Photo credit: A big thank you to Reese Moore Photography for the pictures displayed below...with the exception of a few taken by others!  

The Venue was the Harbour Club; with the ceremony being held on the 3rd floor Rooftop Terrace and the reception in the Chairman's Grill on the 1st floor.

The blue and white from the wedding colors were used in the bouquets and arrangements with hydrangea, roses, tulips, mini calla lilies and delphinium. 

It was a beautiful wedding for a great couple!
Congratulations and wishing you years of happiness! 


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Kirsten & Michael

Local couple Kirsten and Michael chose May 21, 2011 for their wedding day. The Ceremony was held at Hampton Park, followed by a reception at a beautiful house on Folly Beach.

With wedding colors of yellow and white, and a touch of orange as an accent, the couple wanted a care free, fresh garden-cut  look,. We acheived this by using  mason jars filled with daisies, white hydrangea, iris, mini calla lilies, yellow tulips, solidago, and orange safflower. Fresh lemon slices in the jars helped to create a bright, cheery look!

Congratulations Kirsten and Michael!

Photo credit:  Evan Laettner Photography. Thank you for the beautiful pictures.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Herbs in Winter!

Who doesn't love fresh herbs? I know getting them in the winter can be a little tricky and pricey, but I came across these pots that would work wonderfully for growing your own fresh herbs (well, growing anything really) indoors.
The best part of these pots?? They are self watering! A hydro pot is simply a two layer pot. Plant the herb in the top pot, and place a hydro cord into the soil. Fill the bottom reservoir with water and make sure to keep it full at all times. The frosted glass makes it easy to see when it needs to be replenished. Then place the other end of the hydro cord into the reserve. The plant will draw the water itself using as much or little as it needs to keep hydrated and fresh.

That is probably the easiest way to "garden" that I know of! The only downfall to these pots is they are a bit pricey, but once you buy them, they should last a lifetime! I look at it like this; it will save money from driving/buying the herbs from the grocery store, and help prevent waste because you had to throw away the herbs that you didn't use in time!

They sell these at Amazon for $48 with free shipping, and is made of a plastic pot (comes in various colors), with a nylon wick, and frosted glass reservoir. Here is the link if anyone is interested in purchasing.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Winter wedding DIY ideas.

Having a winter wedding is probably the easiest, and most budget friendly time of year to decorate for. From fake snowflakes, to twinkly lights...the ideas are endless. I came across this idea on Pinterest,  and thought I should share. This is just a simple idea, very inexpensive, and best of all, it's a DIY!

Let me just start off by saying that I typically do not care for baby's breath, but, in an abundance, and just by themselves, they can really make a statement. Take a look at the project below. They re-purposed wine bottles by spray painting them white, then added a good amount of baby's breath in each bottle. They added some garland to connect the vases and viola! Very pretty, wintery centerpieces and at a great price!
A word of advice to all my DIY brides. Now that you have this idea, make sure you have enough help from family and friends in order to pull this off. Many times I have seen a DIY bride having the stress of doing all the work themselves on such an important day. It's really way too much for one person. Also, make sure you have someone to gather all of your centerpieces for you at the end of the reception, or announce to your guests to take one with them, because at the end of the night, that is the last thing you will want to worry about!