Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Rose is a Rose is a Rose, is a Rose!

Ever wonder what the color of roses mean? Yes, the colors do have meaning! Now, whether or not your guy knew that the last time he ordered up a bouquet for you, that's another story! But each color of rose DOES have its own symbolism. So, I wonder...if the giver doesn't realize there is meaning in the color of roses chosen, do they still carry that meaning?...hhhmmm...what do you think?
Red—true love
White—purity and innocence, new beginnings, honor and reverence
Pink—happiness, admiration, and appreciation
Dark pink—gratitude
Yellow—joy and friendship
Orange-passion and romance
Deep red or burgundy—beauty
Lavender-enchantment, love at first sight
Black—death or rebirth

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

FIRST BLOOM...It's All About the Flowers!

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said "The Earth laughs in flowers". I love that! Think about it...don't flowers always make people happy? They totally lighten a persons mood, just by being there. Think about how you feel when you see flowers blooming...regardless if they have been planted neatly in a garden, flourishing wildly in an open field, or struggling on a rocky pathway...they're always a welcome sight. In fact, the sight of FIRST BLOOM in spring can chase away the blues and energize the soul after a long winter. It's with a nod to that rejuvenating FIRST BLOOM that I've named my business. Just like the FIRST BLOOM of spring, it's the start of something new that will flourish with time. As a floral designer, I know I have the best job ever. I enjoy it; it makes me happy. How many people can genuinely say they love their job? And how's this for an added bonus...I know that every time I design something new, it's going to make someone else happy. It doesn't get any better than that!!! So for me, It's All About the Flowers!