Thursday, April 12, 2012

Off-beat and Non-Traditional Wedding Ideas!

One of the very first times I've ever heard of a couple throwing in a splash of their own personality to their wedding, was of the wedding party coming down the aisle to the song "Forever", by Chris Brown. Every time I watch that video on Youtube, I can't help but smile. That video alone has been viewed over 74 million times!  You know they are just really enjoying themselves, and having a great time, even in a church setting. I think it really represents the type of people they really are. 


A wedding is a union of two people; exchanging of vows and symbol of their love (rings), and a proclamation of their union. There are so many different ways for couples to do this, and it's interesting to me just how different, and special they can make it.  Your wedding day is meant to be special for you as a couple, but also making it a wedding your guests will remember for a lifetime! It's your day...make it YOU!

Here are some other 'offbeat' ideas that I found on It may inspire you to be that non-traditional couple!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter and Daffodils

Knowing that Easter is here, it made me wonder in what way the the Daffodil flower is associated with Easter Sunday. For as long as I can remember, it's always been known to give a potted plant of Daffodils to the ones you love as an Easter gift. So, I went looking around the webosphere wondering how that came about, and the reason behind it.

Easter is the Christian holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The celebration of rebirth, had initiated the flower to be associated with it's early spring bloom. Christian faith holds the flower in high regard as an Easter symbol because it has been said that the Daffodil first bloomed during the time of Christs Resurrection. Therefore, it has become the symbolic flower used by Christians to proclaim their respect of the Resurrection. 

To give Daffodils to ones you love as a sign of love, hope and joy through respect. It tells the one you love that their sunny smile brightens your day. How can you not feel happiness when you look at a Daffodil. The name in itself is fun spirited, not to mention the bright color!

Happy Easter!