Sunday, August 7, 2011

These flowers are for you..oh, and it's a stick up!

Instead of robbing your local bank with a gun, next time, try flowers! OK, obviously I'm just joking but that is exactly what Edward Pemberton, of New York did. He robbed banks using flowers and potted plants as a distraction to the dubious deed he was about to commit. Edward, the "bouquet bandit", showed his love of flowers, by giving the bouquets to the tellers as a "thank you" for giving him something that didn't belong to him and he believed it also showed that he was polite.

Can you imagine? Typically, when people see flowers they are excited and happy because they are almost always a very welcomed gift! This man did not brandish a gun, but used these beautiful creations as his weapon of choice. I wonder if those unlucky tellers will ever appreciate receiving flowers again, or if they are traumatized for life?

On a final note, the Bouquet Bandit was caught, and plead guilty of his numerous robberies. His sentencing will be on September 14th.

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