Friday, November 19, 2010

Toriya and Rashad's Wedding Day

Toriya and Rashad are a happy couple from Charlotte, NC. Their destination wedding was held at the Doubletree Historic Hotel in Charleston, SC. From my first contact with Toriya her fun personality came out as she talked about the significance of specific numbers in their lives and how she wanted the sybolism reflected in her wedding flowers. She requested that the flowers in the bouquets be used in even numbers. The only exception to that would be the single lily used in each boutonniere and the 7 yellow calla lilies used in her bouquet, representing half of 14, their number as a couple. I had alot of fun with this request and hope she noticed that I followed it in all of the floral designs! Thank you to Spencer's Photography who provided the photos for this memorable day!

Courtyard of the Doubletree Historic Hotel

"Jumping the Broom"

Toriya carried a second bouquet that held 4 roses with tags in memory of past loved ones

 Congratulations Toriya and Rashad!

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