Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ashley's Bridal Portrait Photo Shoot

Here are some pictures of Ashley's Photo Shoot for her Bridal Portrait. They turned out absolutely beautiful. (Click on images to make them larger), The bouquet was made from real-touch flowers so the bride has it for a keepsake. Fresh flowers will be used on the wedding day. A big THANK YOU to Chris and Cami Photography who always do a fantastic job capturing all those special moments. Check back later to see the pictures of this beautiful bride on her wedding day.

Location for the photo shoot was the church of Prince William Parish, known as Sheldon. Built in 1745, it was burned by the British in May 1779. Rebuilt, it was burned again on January 14, 1865 by troops of General Oliver O. Howard, commanding Sherman's right wing coming out of Beaufort. The walls remain today and it is a spectacular place to visit. Click here for a step back into the history books, to learn more about this beautiful church.

Ashley's mother provided the veil from her own wedding to be used on the handle of Ashley's bouquet for an added special touch. I wrapped the handle with strips of the tulle and then molded the headpiece from the veil around the tulle, fastening it with pearl pins.

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