Thursday, August 12, 2010

Liberty Maritime Corporation - Naming Ceremony for the MV Liberty Promise

The President and CEO of Liberty Maritime Corporation, out of New York, was in town recently for the Naming Ceremony of their newest ship, the MV Liberty Promise.
The ceremony took place dockside, with the reception following at the Redbank Club at Charleston Naval Station. The Liberty Promise is a transport ship to be used by the military. Attending the ceremony and reception were representatives of all branches of the military along with many local dignitaries and politicians.
USAF 4-star General Duncan McNabb, Liberty Maritime Pres/CEO Philip J. Shapiro,
I was so excited to be asked to provide the flowers for the reception and the presentation bouquet (above) for the dockside ceremony.
Below are pics of the banquet room with the flowers.
Click on the pics for a larger view

Here are some of the prep pictures of the arrangements
Some of the Toppers for the Table Arrangements Cocktail Table Arrangements Large Podium Piece

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